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.::wear me like a locket around your throat::.

I'll weigh you down, I'll watch you choke...

6 November 1990
What's up, Kiddos? Oroko here, aspiring manga-ka, amateur artist, rant whore, and wet-behind-the-ears fanfiction author, with an LJ username that's essentially useless as a journal, and more of a membership card for cute little fandom clubs. And possibly a rant or two. Who knows, maybe I'll find a use for this thing yet.

If you're looking for Oroko's journal, stop by my DeviantART page sometime. You can find pretty much any crap you want to know about my life there, minus my emo whining (usually). Or, take the direct approach and hit me up on AIM. It's okay, I don't bite.

Peace out.